Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Hollow Knight and Duck Hunt Clay amiibo Figures

My next clay amiibo project was a pair of figures.  I was playing through Hollow Knight and really enjoying it, so I decided to make a figure of the titular hero.  I also got an idea for a clever twist on Duck Hunt: Duck hunts YOU while the dog giggles.

I still wasn't using any wires inside of my figures, so firing things without having them fall apart in the oven was a challenge, especially if I wanted things to stick out like Hollow Knight's cape and sword.  Here's how I fired them in the oven:

Once they had cooled and hardened, I used hot glue to put them together. 

The duck and dog were similarly fired in pieces that could support themselves while being melted together in the oven.

I think they turned out awesome.

Shoshana also wanted to make a Duck and Dog figure, using a different pose.

Here's a video of my figures so far:

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