Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Clay Figures With Family

 I took some clay over to my brother's house, and me and the kids (and my sister-in-law) made some clay figures, some Nintendo themed, some not.

Clay figures, ready to be fired

Abi's Poochy Pup

Shoshana's Ghost


Eric's Mario

My Okami didn't turn out how I'd hoped

Becky's flower, butterfly, and ice skater

My Yoshi, also not up to par

Lucy got into the action later on with home made play dough

As did Shoshana

Abi sculpting

Shoshana's owl

Abi's Owl

Some sort of creature made of modeling clay by one of my daughters

The girls made a bunch of animals out of modeling clay

The creature from Fe

Figures made by Abi

Figures made by Shoshana

By Shoshana: Charmander, the salamander spirit from Frozen 2, and (on the left) also from Frozen 2: the nose of a troll, leaves representing wind, water, and the spark of the fire spirit.

Lucy from The Lego Moi

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