Friday, August 27, 2010

Phishing? Probably not, but still...

If you got this e-mail, what would you do?

I hadn't made any changes to my account.  The e-mail headers looked legitimate.
Notice: Changes have been made to your Qwest® customer profile.

Our records show you recently made these change(s) to your customer profile, either by contacting a Qwest representative, or through your MyAccount page at
Email Address Changes
*The e-mail address you provided for us to reach you.
For Qwest account ending in:####
At Qwest, we value the security of our customers’ information and are sending this notice as a confirmation. As long as this change was made intentionally, no action is necessary. However, if you feel this change has been made in error, please contact Qwest immediately at 1 866-450-6152(Residential) or 1 800-603-600(Small Business).
Thank you for helping us maintain the security of your account.
The first thing to do, of course, is to make sure that the account number matches up.  My Qwest account has been inactive for almost a year, so I didn't have that readily available.  I entered the phone number provided in quotes into Google.  Others had gotten this same e-mail, and they hadn't made changes to their account either.

I certainly wasn't going to call the number and give whoever it was I was actually calling any information so they could "pull up my account".

I pulled up the Qwest website, called the customer service number listed there, and told them about the e-mail, and how suspicious it looked.  The guy was unable to pull up my account because it wasn't active.  He said he would pass my concerns on to his supervisors.