Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome to Our Farm, Population 26 ...and Counting

Today we bought two goats, both does, from a couple in Everett.
The one on the left is named Princess, and the one on the right is named Fluffy.
Princess is a Boer goat
Fluffy is a Kiko goat We have two cats:
...and Bow.
We are currently raising six ducklings and six chicks. There's a live webcam of the chicklings, so that you can check up on their astounding rate of growth. There are some video clips saved so you can see how small they used to be.
The yellow ducks are Pekin ducks, and the brown ones are Rouen ducks.
Today we let the ducklings go for their first swim. (Videos here, here, and here -- The third video has kids watching and chiming in.)
We also have a rooster and seven hens:
The rooster's name is Mr. Darcy.
Anyway, one rooster, plus seven hens, plus six chicks and six ducklings, two goats, two cats, and two people adds up to twenty-six. There are, of course, kittens and a baby on the way.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chick and Duckling Webcam!

Here it is: If you want more details about my setup, they can be found here. Enjoy.