Saturday, December 12, 2009

Khaki Campbells and Marans

Today, Elizabeth and I picked up two ducks and two roosters that we got off of Craigslist.

The ducks are female Khaki Campbells, and the roosters are copper black Marans.  Elizabeth has wanted Khaki Campbells for a while, since they're good layers.  It's a breed that her family has had before.

Our rooster, Mr. Darcy, died last week, so Elizabeth asked the seller if she knew of anyone who had a rooster.  As it happened, she had a pair of roosters and was looking for a good home for them.

Does anyone have any names to suggest?  If I name one of the roosters Mr. Knightly, what should the other one be named?  They're a bit young, and they timidly stayed in the chicken coop, and away from the hens.  Maybe I should call them Sheldon and Koothrappali.

The ducks, on the other hand, made right for our Pekins, and they seemed to be getting along fine.