Monday, February 28, 2005

Mostly Names and Faces

Here I make minimal if any attempt to explain. That will come later as I have the chance to mentally process.

Jillian and Juanita

Me and Julia

Dad & Mom


Jonathan and Jillian

Juanita and Tim
Erica, me, Mom, Dad
No comment
Tim & Caleb
Amy Jo, Marita, Jon, Juanita


  1. Aaaaah!!!! I miss everyone SO MUCH!!! I can't wait until Shallowbrook! Looks like you had a blast. =)
    And what's with the facial hair?? =D

  2. And how did you get all the pictures on one post??

  3. This is kind of a work-around:

    1. Create a new post, or just use your first picture post. Make sure it's saved as a Draft, so that it won't be visible to people visiting your blog during this process.

    2. Upload your picure using Hello as an individual post just like you normally would.

    3. Upon uploading the picture, a window will pop up showing you your new (single-image) post. (You may have to hit "refresh" in your browser to see it.) Click on the little pencil icon at the bottom to edit it (or you can go to your dashboard and edit it from there).

    4. Click "Save as Draft" so that no one will be able to see this post if they visit your blog during this process, then click "Edit" for this same post.

    5. Select everything, copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) it to the new post.

    6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for as many pictures as you want.

    7. From the "Edit posts" page, delete all the Drafts of individual pictures. Don't worry, this will not delete the pictures from the Internet, and they will remain accessable from the other post.

    8. Add more text and formatting to the new post as desired. When you are satisfied, publish it.

  4. Hay this is a really cool site tim! if I get to annoyed with Xanga I'll ask you how I get one of these!