Sunday, February 20, 2005

I Am Ender Wiggin

I have this to say to 6 Foot, Judge Judy, Maximus, and Don Efrain: j00 4|2 pWN3D!0

So if you're wondering who Ender1 is and how it's possible for me to have such l337 5NYp|2 5|<!11Z2, you need to read a book by Orson Scott Card entitled Ender's Game. It's about a kid genius who gets sent to a battle school in orbit along with various other child prodigies. The purpose of the battle school is to produce battle commanders capable of defeating a race of insectoid hive beings who tried to wipe out the humans seventy years ago. A large part of their training in battle tactics involves a game best described as zero-gravity laser tag. Orson Scott Card is a great author and if you're at all interested in science fiction I recommend reading this book. There are two tracks of sequels to Ender's Game: one that follows Ender's interplanetary (and very long, due to time dilation) travels, and one that follows his battle school friends' exploits as they influence global politics. One of the purposes of all (good) science fiction is to construct an artificial relaity and use it to examine real-world political/social/personal/philisophical/whatever issues and how they work themselves out in a projected future.

0 l337 Translation: "You are owned!"

1 Tonight I played laser tag for the first time ever with the Tacoma YP. I chose the alias "Ender." We played two rounds. The second round I got 2nd place. It seems the guy who got first place spends his life there (he wasn't part of our group). Anyway, I, a total n00b, pwn3d everyone else.

2 l337[gamer slang: "elite"] sniper skills


  1. yes i was surprised with your n00b skills @ laser tag last night... if u want to get 0wn3d play me in Halo :p

  2. Hey The Tim, I got a community xanga ID. Email me for the password.

  3. Indeed, laser tag with the Tacoma YP is great fun.
    That book sounds... riveting.

  4. I'm grateful to you guys for "enabling" me!

    "Ender's Game" is a book I've been meaning to read, but all the copies at our library here are in use.


  5. AAAaa! What is this 1337 speak? Has it overtaken you?