Monday, February 14, 2005

Between the Chicken and the Blog

I need a shower. My hair smells like barbecue. Up here in Washington, or maybe it's just an apartment thing, but I've noticed it a lot more up here than down in CA--anyway, up here in Washington, they rely more heavily on electricity than gas for cooking and heating, and up until this point in my life, I have always lived in a house with a gas stove. I am also a pyromaniac, so while I was settling in I bought one of those little Smokey JoeTM barbecues. I use it occasionally for cooking steak or chicken (or bratwurst: mmmmm). My roommate thinks I'm crazy. Today I went to the grocery store, and I got some chicken. I barbecued half of it, stuck the other half in a ZiplocTM bag--oh, wait, I think it was the knock-off store brand--anyway, I put the uncooked meat in the freezer in an air-tight, zipping, clear plastic bag, ate half of the cooked chicken with some cream corn, stuck the other half in the fridge for later this week, and in the process of cooking the chicken, my hair, sweater, and jeans all ended up smelling (deliciously--but not socially-acceptably) like barbecue chicken. I needed to do a wash anyway, so I just started that before starting this post. Now I need that shower.

*Takes shower /*

Ahh... refreshing. My hair is non-charcoal-ified. It's also stripped of much of its oils0, which means that in the morning I will resemble Albert Einstein, minus the moustache. Thank God for gel. I think I need a haircut too. Normally my mommy cuts my hair, although my last haircut was at the mall.

*Transfers wash to dryer /*

RFH1 left his wash in the dryer. I don't call him that for nothing. Yesterday I discovered that my efforts to get him to actually put dishes in the dishwasher in stead of the sink were finally paying off. Unfortunately, the way I discovered this was that there was a marinara-laden fork in with the otherwise clean dishes. I had run it the night before. He also has the habit of leaving his stuff everywhere. For weeks at a time. And doesn't move it when I repeatedly mention it to him and he says he will. His idea of taking out the trash is to leave the bag (which he filled up by placing a non-flattened (recyclable!) diet coke boxes in it) right next to the trash can. For over a week. "But it's cold outside." Boo hoo! Talk about over-mothered. Ladies, if you love your sons, and you pity your future daughters-in-law (more accurately: if you want future daughters-in-law), don't pamper your little boys!

This evening (between the chicken and the blog) I went to hear a guy talk at one of my churches2 about Islam. Most of the information he covered I had already been exposed to, but it was a good refresher, and I learned some things. For example, Muslims believe that Jesus didn't die on the cross. Seriously. They think it was Judas, or someone else who looked like Jesus. They also think that Christians think the Trinity is the Father, Mary, and Jesus3. There was a time for questions at the end, and one that I asked4 was in his experience, what was it about Christianity that had attracted the former-Muslim Christians that he knew. It's been said that we all have a God-shaped hole in our souls that only Jesus Christ can fill, and I was wondering what the biggest gap in this hole Islam leaves. What he said was, Jesus Christ: What he taught, what he did, who he is. Comparing Jesus Christ vs. Muhammad, Jesus Christ vs. the Quoran, Jesus Christ vs. the five pillars of Islam, Jesus Christ vs. Islamic law.

It really is all about Jesus Christ.

Another5 reason I was glad I went was that afterwards I got to spend some time with the Max-kids, and talk with Dr. Dave & Dr. Larry (although I see the latter more often, as he goes to my other (the one at which this wasn't) church).

I think everything I've tried to organize up here so far (with the exception of the Great Halo Party) has been a colossal failure. Today Tonnski and I were planning on going to see Bride & Prejudice, wich is a Bollywood take on P&P in a way analogous to the way in which Clueless was a valley girl take on Emma. Anyway, so, like, I call up Tonnski on the phone, and I'm like, "Hey, like, how's it going?" And she's like, "I'm like totally gagging over here." Okay, enough of that. She was sick, so she couldn't go. I then proceeded to attempt contact with OtherTim, Wednesday, Kat, and Shourt, none of whom could be reached. I finally did get a hold of Kat, who, as it turns out, was driving back from Pullman, and therefore couldn't make it. I decided to give up, so I called Mrs. Cuervo (who had expressed interest) and told her the sad news. Hopefully this will all work out and we'll be able to watch it, possibly this Friday, provided (a) they aren't all offended by the pseudonyms I just gave them or (b) they remain blissfully unaware of said pseudonyms because they don't read this.

The morrow approacheth.

0 For those of you keeping track of the sequence of events here, please note that I here engaged in a half-hour-long discussion with beck about the proper use of the semicolon.

1 Roommate From Hell

2 One of them only meets about two Sundays a month, plus a weekly mid-week home Bible study. This was the other one.

3 This is either laughably ridiculous, or the most pointedly apropos criticism of the giant syncretism that is the Roman Catholic Church.

4 I think I asked about a quarter of the questions, including a clarification of the aforementioned dying on the cross bit.

5 Another? What was the first reason? Shut up, left lobe! I'm tired. Besides, it should be obvious that I thought the talk and subsequent discussions a worthwhile affair.


  1. But semicolons weren't the only thing we talked about; what a doozy.

  2. If short is who I think it is ... and wouldn't it be miss cuervo or were you speaking to her mom?

  3. The implication is that she's married to Jose. I considered using Miss Cuervo, but it didn't seem to fit at the time. In retrospect, it probably would have been the better choice.

  4. Silly The Tim. Beck is a wacko! You already know this!

    The Doug