Monday, February 28, 2005

High-Flying Adventures

Note: This post was written on Thursday night. I never did find any WiFi, so I didn't get to post it until now.

Well, I made it. No, I’m not there yet. I just made it to my gate. There aren’t any open access points at this airport and I’m certainly not paying Cingular or Wayport just so I can post this live. I’m typing this into Word; I’ll copy it to Blogger when I get the chance: possibly in Detroit or Buffalo.

I say “adventures” because of today has been eventful. I say “high-flying” because I’m cynical. I worked 9 ½ hours today, which really isn’t that bad, except that I didn’t stop for lunch, so all I had to eat until I got home was a banana and some package oatmeal. I did finish what I was doing, it’s not “done” done, but I got as far as I can until more components become available, and in theory it should work perfectly once they do.

Once I got home, I ate and started packing. Once I finished, I took a shower and then my roommate drove me to the airport. Yep, right to the “Arrivals.” Once I found the check-in counter (located near the “Departures” area) I checked in, and, after much walking, three escalators, and a train, found my gate. I am currently in my seat on the plane, next to a little two or three-year-old girl named Mazie and her father. She has pink dinosaur slippers (with claws) and matching jammies, as well as a bankie and a stuffed bunny. I should have brought A Snoodle’s Tale. I’m not sure she would appreciate Napoleon Dynamite or An Ideal Husband (and even if she would enjoy a south park episode, I’m sure her father wouldn’t, and I would never expose an innocent child to it. Well, maybe the Mormon one, but never the Lord of the Rings one, and those are the only two I currently have on my laptop’s hard drive. The rest (thanks to one of RFH’s former roommates) are on my external drive). Oh, well, we both need some sleep anyway. It’s only 10:30 and I’m already tired. This is because yesterday morning at 6:00 AM the inhabitant of the room directly above me decided it was a great time to play music. Really loud. With lots of bass. I called security and left a message. I also went up and knocked on his door. Finally, at 8:00, the noise subsided, so I decided I would sleep in for another hour. My usual arrival time to work is 9:00-9:30 anyway. You might ask why I’m so tired if I show up to work so “late,” but only if you haven’t been paying attention to the times of my blog posts. Traffic clears up at around 9:00, so it actually saves time to sleep in.

I didn’t play volleyball today, because I knew I wanted to finish what I was doing, and I had to pack, so I e-mailed my team captain when I got in to work to let him know. We have a decent team; I’m at about the median skill level (or maybe slightly higher), for those of you who know what my game is like. We’re at cruising altitude, and it’s boiling hot on the plane. Normally planes are cold, and so I usually dress warm. I’ve long since doffed my jacket and I took my shoes off too. The air vent is all the way open. I’m thinking I should follow Mazie’s lead and get some rest. Kids are smart.
“Dum dum dum dum dumb…"

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