Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Amanda

For Amanda's birthday, we went over to her sister's house on Lake Washington, ate some food, hung out for a bit, and played some games. Then we headed over to Century for some swing dancing. There are photos of the party, as well as the birthday dance.


  1. So, I stop over to your blog to check out what's going on with you and see that you have a post on my birthday saying "Happy Birthday" someone else.

    *fakes being offended*

    I am adding your friend to my prayer list!

  2. Those are great pictures, Tim. Thanks for posting them (all except for the unflattering one of me rude!). The ones taken at my sister's house have such great lighting. Isn't my nephew a doll? I love that boy so much!

    Actually, they're very educational. The ones of me dancing, anyway. I can see my errors of form and whatnot...breaking frame, lack of extension, etc. Gives me direction for improvement for sure. I start private lessons with Chris Chapman on Wednesday, thanks to everyone who contributed to my fund!