Friday, March 09, 2007

INTP Profile

I don't usually like to post links to non-original content, but I found this to be a very good, very accurate, description of myself as an INTP. I must warn you other types, however, not to get wrapped up in the details. The article mentions several specific areas of interest which, in principle, an INTP would enjoy should they chose to enter that domain. Some of them I enjoy, others are "irrelevant." In any case, please remember that I don't consider the details of the article to effect the over-arching correctness of it. I do not wish to present a representation as "myself" and have concrete ("S") types assume that they can apply the details to me. A diagram of the human face does not dictate the appearance of facial features: we cannot from that diagram assume that the nose of the particular man we are considering looks exactly like the nose on the diagram. To do so would be a misuse of the diagram. The best use of this information is for someone who wishes to relate to me to get a better idea of how we are different. Not "how" in the quantitative, concrete sense, but "how" in the qualitative sense: not "this much" difference, but different in "this way." If you ever believe my actions are inappropriate, please talk to me about them--I would never want to point to a personality profile as an excuse to be limited by the dynamics it describes. Part of the purpose of understanding one's self is to grow. Maturity, I believe, occurs when a person is able to balance their innate tendencies in favor of alternate methods/attitudes/behaviors/motivations when an occasion arises that makes this more appropriate. "Knowing there's a trap is the first step in evading it." ~Leto Atredes, Dune (Frank Herbert)


  1. Personality types...well, you did say that you had been thinking about them. It's interesting stuff, really. I read the whole thing, believe it or not. I guess I like to know where people are coming from because it helps me to understand and respond appropriately to them. Makes me curious about what my personality type is supposed to be like. I know I've read it, but I suppose my memory must be inferior ;).

    Funny that they mention the relationship between music and moods - I am definitely one who listens to music that helps put me in the mood I want to be in!

    Something tells me that you wouldn't like my job very well. I deal with people all day, many of whom don't appear to have one iota of logical function at work in their brain. Sounds like that would drive you absolutely crazy!

  2. It took you four paragraphs just to say "don't take this description as 100% accurate".

    I definitely find that inappropriate.

    Hey, you once told me you were INTJ. How'd you change your mind?

  3. Eloquently stated, as always.

    Your mom's an INTJ. (Actually, she isn't, but you are!)

    I have no recollection of ever thinking of myself as an INTJ. Perhaps I was messing with your head.