Monday, April 02, 2007

Little Si Hike

Little Si Hike photos here. I brought my tripod along and used it too, so I'm actually in some of these. What the photos don't show is all of the deep and meaningful converstaion. I love my friends.
A note on the movies: Picasa doesn't know how to embed a movie correctly when you export an album to a web page, so I edited the main page so that when you click on the movie thumbnail, it sends you directly to the AVI file (your browser will probably prompt you to download or open it). If you go through the pictures clicking "Next Picture" you will still get to the page where the movie file is (incorrectly) embedded, and it won't play. The movies aren't all that great.


  1. Did I ever tell you thanks for taking and posting pictures of all our events? Well, there. I just did. I have gotten so out of the habit of photojournaling, but I'm glad to know that someone is taking pictures, so when I start scrapbooking again, there won't be too many blanks in my life. The pictures of the hikes are really nice. I agree that the conversations had were so great and meaningful. I love our friends, too!

  2. That's one of my fav. hikes. But where are all the April 1st shenanigans?

  3. April fool!

    We didn't really go on the hike, we just photoshopped our faces onto other people's pictures.