Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A pep talk to my [reader(s)?]

Well I guess that discussion struck the whole Internet with apathy, boredom, or finger paralysis. Is the server down? Lisa is the only one excused--unless she has one of those squishy wrist-rest thingies (then she's not). Not that I have any evidence that she actually reads my blog (This fits in with my above (arrogant) implication that the whole Internet community watches this space with bated breath). I really do appreciate comments (no pity/guilt comments, please; those aren't appreciated--I'm simply sharing my feelings and don't expect you to fix them1). I post things on my blog because in order to make my thoughts coherent2 I have to process them, and they become more developed and fleshed out. I also post because I want to share what's important to me with others. I do this with the assumption that those who read what I write will process the same, and that said processing will produce equally valuable feedback, which may be posted via comments hereto appended.3

To be fair, I didn't actually "compose" the previous post in the way that I normally compose, and it may have been hard to follow for all but the most determined readers who also didn't mind scrolling up and down constantly to match up my superscript note numbers. I had hoped that in the previous post my jokes and allusions, as well as the serious subject matter, would provide enough balance (although now that I think about it, almost everything in that post occurs in the left hemisphere of the brain) to keep enough of you going. Also in retrospect, encouraging you to read two articles in the course of reading my post seems to have high distraction potential and time commitment factors.

Am I intimidating? Do I give the impression that if you disagree with me I will pounce at you and bite your intellectual head off? I know what it is: I always do such a thorough and concise job of encapsulating whatever it is that I talk about, that a comment would just distract from the--HA! I caught you thinking of a retort. What excellent comment fodder that would make!

Speaking of intellectual heads, I have noticed that my blog tends to be about that a lot--what goes on up yonder in the gray goo. I'm an INTP4, and I like to talk about ideas and all their intricacies, and what happens when one idea meets another idea and whether or not and how they play nice together. Fact is, most of you aren't likely to relate to what I say unless I make it somehow practical.

Aaaugh! It's late! I'm tired, so I'm going to abandon this post in its current state. I went to Starbuck's twice5 yesterday, and while it didn't prevent me from sleeping, I think all that caffeine in my system made my rest uneasy. Anyway, I ended up sleeping in until 9:20. I don't normally do coffee; I'm a social drinker.

1 Listen to me! I sound like a woman!

2Oh, go ahead! Comment all you want on how incoherent my posts are. There! I spoiled it for you. How unoriginal you are! Why don't you sulk and pout and give me the silent treatment. Oh, that's real mature! (Actually I would be interested to know if any of this (not this note--it sounds like a raving, bitter, lunatic) is coming across.)

3 I here refer to insightful comments, but no less valuable are the funny, provocative, strange, helpful, warm, quid-pro-quo, consescending, , sarcastic, arrogant--oh, wait, that's just me-- inside jokes, comments of agreement, disagreement, apathy, encouragement, surprise, disgust... the list goes on. In general, a good comment is one that shares what goes through your head when you read a post. That's the only way a community exists: feedback.

4 This page contains an interesting article explaining the subtle differences between INTPs (me) and INTJs (beck, sazzly), and sheds some light on why, in addition to gender differences, I might come across more "brainy" than they in the ways that we tend communicate. For a more basic overview of what the heck all those letters mean, you might try this site. Better yet, if you really want to know what it's all about, you'll want to read Please Understand Me II.

5 A Caramel Frappuccino in the morning, and a Caramel Macciato in the evening.


  1. Okay wow! I sound really sarcastic the whole time. I was trying to be tongue-in-cheek making fun of myself for talking over peoples' heads, but this is mean-sarcastic.

  2. Isn't it weird how you write in one frame of mind, and it comes out totally different?? I have erased so many posts...

  3. Hmm. I liked this post. Evidently I am a supporter of mean-sarcasm not meant meanly but coming across meanly.
    And on the Calvinism post I made a mental note that went something like this: "come back to this when I have time and when I have my wits about me because even though I skimmed it there is more to be mulled over before I can contribute an adequate comment." So you may be hearing from me next November. I think my wits are due back sometime around then.

  4. I enjoyed footnote 3. :) A good collection of comments.