Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Found lurking in the background....

Sorry, Steph...


  1. Holy COW!!! Is that ME??? Good grief. Is that from conference? Well, duh. When else have you seen me recently???
    When I click on it, is it supposed to get bigger, or remain about the same size with a background of a white screen? (guess which one I got)
    And I'm not intimidated by your biting my intellectual head off (and to prove it, I sent you 2 comments!). I just did not have anything to contribute to the Calvin discussion. =)

  2. Comment #3: I just set the picture for my wallpaper. Talk about gross. ;)
    (Ha! I'll bet that now you're sorry that you asked people to contribute more comments!!) =)

  3. Her eyes glow red whenever < s > orc < / s > I mean Tims are near.