Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The house

That was annoying. Normally i set up my chat programs so that pressing enter makes a carriage return. Not so with Hello. Apparently it also doesn't like more than one picture per post. At least, I haven't figured that part out. I suppose I can always go back to the entries and touch them up a bit. We (the whole lot of us you see up there (plus Caleb, the photographer, who you don't see) went shooting on the one good day. I was in California visiting my family and attending an annual church conference. The irony is, it rained (and even snowed where I was--this is the house my parents are building in Tehachapi) almost every day. Since I've returned to Washington, I've had bright, clear weather. Posted by Hello Of course, when it gets clear up here this time of year, everything freezes. Yesterday evening was spent rearranging the furniture in my room so that I could move my bed away from the heater, rendering it usable.

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  1. My father just explained to me the origin of the terms "carriage return" and also "line feed." How quaint.