Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wii II

So, I've finally set up my new Wii. I actually picked it up on the 3rd, but I've just been going non-stop since I got back from California. In a previous post, I kept track of some of you who added me to your friends list. Well, this is a new Wii, so we're both going to have to re-enter each other's Friend Codes again. Here's my new one: 7223-6170-5929-0831 If you add me, please leave a comment with your number so that I can add you too (otherwise nothing will happen). I have the following friend codes already, but please leave me a note when you add me, and please also double-check the numbers I have for you here: Brian: 8936-8073-3807-7734 Victor: 3278-6856-0484-3051 Juliana: 0916-8860-0805-7549 Sean: 8056-6804-9228-1493


  1. I tried to add you yesterday, but my Wii is retarded from time to time and decides to not have an internet connection

  2. I found for some reason with my last Wii that if I had a GameCube memory card in, it wouldn't connect to the Internet. Weird, I know.

    My new wii seems much more zippy on the Internet than my last one.

  3. That might've been the case a couple months ago when it couldn't even find an access point but right now it's finding access points, just choosing not to connect to them (I tried both mine and an unsecure neighbor's). No Gamecube paraphernalia is attached, and I even took the SD card out.

    Don't suppose you have any more ideas outside of getting mine "stolen"? :p