Friday, January 12, 2007


Will you be my friend?

Okay, so Nintendo doesn't want to be another place on the Internet where child molesters find kids. Any sufficiently popular Internet forum has this potential problem, but the fact that Nintendo is somewhat geared toward a younger audience means that they feel the need to be proactive. The Wii has online connectivity, and you can send e-mail, etc., so what do they do to cover their derrieres? They allow communication over the Internet, but they won't let you establish contact with anyone without BOTH of you entering the other's 16-digit numeric code into their Wii address book, essentially guaranteeing that you already have contact through some other means.

It's the most inconvenient whitelist scheme imaginable.

I'm not exactly sure how they plan on organizing multiplayer matches, but it doesn't look like anything near as slick as Xbox Live is even remotely possible, especially if they want to try to prevent people from communicating with one another.

It's possible to establish communication with an e-mail address, but you have to initiate contact by adding the e-mail address to your Wii's address book before anything happens.

Anyway, the purpose of this post, other than to complain, is so that anyone who wants to add me as a contact so we can exchange messages and Miis (and possibly play multiplayer games against each other over the Internet--not sure exactly how this is going to work) can ensure that I add them as a contact by posting a comment here with their Wii code. Thus far, the only person I have successfully communicated with is the guy who sends me the Weekly Mii.

So, without further ado, here is my Wii Friend Code: 3274-2528-9665-7133

Step 1: Add this code to your address book
Step 2: Post a comment here so that I can add you to my adderess book
Step 3: We can send each other Miis and messages.

No child molesters, please.


  1. Here's mine Tim and anyone else who would would like to share in my Mii happiness.

    3278 6856 0484 3051

    - Vic

  2. Tim, I also wanna hear what you think about Zelda. I'm sure you've spent enough time there to hook it up with a good review of the game. Share, share, share.

  3. Mine (yes, finally got one!):

    8936 8073 3807 7734

    Anyone's welcome to add mii.

  4. I added you, Brian, but I could not send a message yet.

  5. Tim,

    Just to let you know, I'm a friend of Brian's and I added you cause Bri was too lazy to figure out which wii number he had written down was his, so he gave me both yours and his. Of course I'm no where near my wii right now, so I can't tell you what my number is, but if you get an invite from a "wii" you don't know, it's probably me...I added it yesterday. Thank you!

  6. Hi Tim!

    Here is my wii number:

    0916 8860 0805 7549

    It was very nice meeting you. :)