Wednesday, January 24, 2007


As those of you who use message-style RSS/Atom readers have probably already guessed, I just finished tagging (or, in Blogger's terms, labeling) all of my posts from the past two years on this and my other blog. Please see this related post there for more details. I just made the transition to blogger's new layouts, which allow for labels, graphical layout editing, and a few other nice features like comment feeds. It was interesting going through my old posts and recognizing common and/or significant themes to which I could apply a label. There ended up being quite a few labels: I've been messing with the layout and contents of my navigation bar on the side. The labels take up quite a bit of space. I wish there were a way to collapse them like the archive links: perhaps it's possible to make them collapsible if I edit the template.

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  1. Your post made my little librarian heart glad. We've been studying folksonomy in my Knowledge Organization course. Okay, now I'm going to stop procrastinating on my paper by being incredibly nerdy (or is that dorky? or maybe geeky?).