Saturday, November 25, 2006

Whittier Memories

Last night, I went with Sarah and her friend Jamie to Memories, which is a swing dancing place in Whittier, which is my hometown. It was fun. Angie Aimee and Karly even showed up.

Sarah shot a couple of short videos of me dancing while we were there. It's the first time I've ever seen myself dancing, and so of course I notice all the things I do wrong, but here you go:

One. Two.

Please note that the settings on my camera were set on high frame-rate, and so these files are rather large for 25-second clips. They are also shot sideways.

It was neat to once again drive through uptown Whittier and see my old stomping grounds once more and see the same old streets, landmarks and shops. The Whittwood Mall is certainly different. Memories indeed.


  1. Did you drive through our neighborhood at all? That would have brought back memories!

    I'm still jealous that you were in Whittier!

  2. Little did you know then who you would meet swing dancing one day. :-)