Friday, July 21, 2006

Shallowbrook Pictures - Highlights

Here are some pictures from Shallowbrook and Altoona. They're all still available on my server from the previous post, but this gives me a chance to pick some out and comment.

One of the most articulate almost-four-year-olds that I have ever known. I really enjoy children who can carry on a conversation and you don't have to talk down to them, but they're still a kid, and therefore fascinated by everything in the universe.

Troy and Michael. Troy decided to pick up a stick and hit things... including Michael. Fun was had by all.

Jen and Paige

Katie and Caitlin

Drew and Bethany

Caleb. OOC.

Seth, visually disavowing responsibility for whatever mayhem happens to be going on at the moment.

Liz and her pearly-whites

Jeffrey getting his due comeuppence. They who have cloggable ears should not hit with water noodles. Ye be warned.

Tim floating

Max. Smiling. With teeth. Contain your enthusiasm, ladies.

Lisa, Amy, and Bonnie. Our eternal thanks for spoiling us rotten with home-cooked meals all week.

Stephainie. I haven't ever read Les-Mis. Apparently it's good, but is it good enough to justify the thickness? Good books can be thick (see LOTR trilogy) if they're good enough.

A frog that Seth caught. Ah, memories...

Sid and Tom.

Troy scarfing a banana.

Mateo and Gerald

Sleep deprivation: Colleen, Bethany, Jenny

Those eyes: they're so... PIERCING!!!! They can see into my soul!
(My apologies, Abby. Blue is definitely one of your colors.)

Davy. Thanks for the shirt.

Tim and Kim

Seth and Tim looking pleasant

Steve and Vernon

Me Sid lecturing on the book of Hebrews.

Seth Al trying to fit boxes into the boxes that they contain, or something.

Tom's idea of a joke. You had to be there.

The ladies...

...being dignified and lady-like, as always

Caleb. Ait't he cute?

Jeremy and Ally

Al. This shot just seems to typify him somehow. It's as if he's continually amused by his circumstances (in this case, the fact that he's standing on a chair), even though he knows very well how he got there.

Bonnie and Abby

Hannah and Elyse. High five!

Jeremy and Caleb

Liz and Seth

Jeremy and Michelle Caleb

Paige *shudder*

Tim. He is so cool.

Gordie! Props to him for driving 12 hours each way for Altoona

Gerald. He was supposed to pick me up in Des Moines. Too bad I never landed there and had no way to contact him. He's a trooper.





Abby, Paige, Bethany, Joanna

The old people: Dave, Bryce (obscured), Clifford, April, Pat, Sarah, Rodger, Darrell, Marg, Rob

Caleb and Me

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  1. On the picture of Max...

    Trust me. We have curbed our enthusiasm quite well thank you.