Monday, July 17, 2006

Shallowbrook and Altoona

Perhaps I'll flesh this post out a little bit later on, but I posted a bunch of pictures and audio from my trip, and I wanted to make it available.

There are so many photos, it's insane.

Altoona Conference:

Shallowbrook photos:

Update: Well, it wasn't Comcast that slowed the connection down, it was my roommate. He set the QoS on the router to label packets originating from my Linux box as "bulk" in stead of "standard." This basically tells the routers and gateways along the way across the Internet that it's okay to drop those packets, because they're not important. Our other computers are set as "premium," which is a higher priority, so when there's contention on our router, the other computers win. That was annoying, and it didn't accomplish what he wanted to accomplish, which was to give his computer a higher priority than the server, because that was already the case.

Anyway, I fixed it, but that doesn't stop a billion people trying to access the pictures at once from slowing down our connection and getting him mad again.

Let me know how things are working.


  1. Well Tim.. I don't know if it's Athena or my computer.. but i can't see any of the pictures!

  2. It's Athena.

    The webserver has been getting pounded, and I'm not sure if Comcast has turned down our bandwidth. I know my roommate was messing with the settings on the router because last night the connection was pretty sketchy. It could be there's just so many requests coming in that they're colliding with eachother and packets are getting dropped.

    In any case, as traffic tapers off, people should be able to access the pictures, preferably one at a time.

    Residential internet connections (including cable) are asymmetrical, which means my upload bandwidth is smaller than my download bandwidth.

  3. i couldn't view them either, at least not yet. :) i'll keep trying! -anna

  4. My upload bandwidth is pretty limited with Comcast.

    The more people are trying to view the pictures at once, the slower it will get.

    The best thing to do is wait a few days and try it then. Sorry for the inconvenience.