Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lindy Hop

Six weeks ago I signed up for an introductory Lindy Hop class. Lindy Hop is similar to Swing Dancing. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I've been dancing in Seattle on Sunday nights and occasionally on Wednesdays. The next session is starting, and I'm thinking of signing up for the next level. I would like to continue learning, and my repertoire of moves could certainly do well to expand, but I'm going to be gone for the second and third lessons in a series of five. I missed two non-consecutive lessons in Lindy 1, and I was able to catch up, but it was difficult.

Lindy 2 is more about learning new moves than learning the basic steps, which was the focus of Lindy 1, so I won't be "behind" in the same sense as I was then, but there's still a 3 week gap between the lessons. I guess i'm just going to have to get over my fear of being out of practice and looking like an idoit: I might as well, since I'm sure the latter will happen no matter what I do. I can always re-take Lindy 2 a couple of times, which is the way the class was designed to be taken, so says the website. The moves they cover must vary from class to class, and the focus is on becoming a better lead/follow, which takes lots of practice.

I'll just have to lower my expectations from "being instantly perfect at everything I do" to "getting in some good practice."


  1. Instantly good, like water skiing successfully on your first try? How long did it take me? Several trips to lakes over a number of years. Somehow I still found it fun, and I had to try a lot before I succeeded!

  2. You're doing well with lindy, I think at this point it just takes doing it a lot to get into the "groove" of things . . . oh, and try not to throw your partner on the floor. :-P (okay, you didn't throw me on the floor, you just scartled (that's a new word invented by Holly and me, it's a combination of "scared" and "startled") me by trying to dip me the wrong way). Hee hee

    Oh and yeah, those lindy 2 classes are definitely designed to be able to be taken, like, a million times.