Monday, October 31, 2005

Kerrville, TX

My friends are awesome!

I gave the Gospel at the conference in Kerrville and they filled up the front row. I felt so loved and supported. A lot of prayer went into that talk (both mine and others'), and the Lord enabled me to share my appreciation of His love and work with those in attendance. It was an incredibly humbling experience. I knew from the minute I was asked that it wasn't in my power to accomplish anything or change anyone on my own, perhaps that was why I was willing to accept. That was kind of the point of my talk: Jesus is the true source of Life and without Him we can do nothing.

That's one crown that I have to cast at His feet even now: look at what Christ is doing in my life!

Kerrville was great this year. I really enjoyed the meetings, especially the Bible studies, which were in Revelation 1. I also enjoyed spending time with friends, talking and laughing and doing weird human tricks (see below if you dare).

Breaking of Bread was magnificent.

I flew into Dallas, stayed there overnight, and drove down the following evening. It was nice to spend some time with Caleb and the Smiths, and I got to know Christy, and talk with Trevor and Kevin.

The weather was beautiful. It reminded me of California. The fact that it's been raining constantly since I've gotten back to Seattle and daylight savings time just ended isn't helping at all.

It was good to see Anna, although we didn't really spend that much time together. I'll have to rectify that this Thanksgiving.

Two days was just too short to properly spend time with so many friends. Y'all had better all come to Yorba Linda.

Glory Hollingsworth

Caleb and Heather

Sarah and Jessica

Christy and Kevin


Utter mayhem.


  1. I'm annoyed that I can't see Jenny's ears. Laura has sparkly dangly earrings but does Jenny?

  2. I'm so glad that you're talk went well, and you felt very supported! Yay for Thanksgiving!

  3. And to think that I was in Walla Walla writing papers while all that mayhem was going on :(.