Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Super Wedding!

I had a great weekend! I flew to the bay area for beck's wedding on Thursday. It was great to see many of the friends that I don't get to see, and I got to see my parents and brother and sister.

I wish I could0 post videos. Most of my stills during the wedding were a bit dark because the flash didn't carry. And those that weren't suffered from severe red-eye. Not that they're horrible pictures. If people want to see more pictures, I can burn a CD or DVD. Also, I put everything on beck's parent's computer (the one on the left, on TAB's desktop).

The first glass-ringing-induced kiss of the evening

Forsaking all others

The Bridesmaids

Flower Girls

Sazzly and I

TAB. Need I say more?

The neighbor's tree

Steph's parents

Doug looking pleasant!

Kathy behind the lens

Boys' table


Her Aussie Stud



Mr. Osborn in contemplation





The progression of the evening...

Lady Lisa

0 I probably could. In fact, I hear Google is starting a video hosting service (which would be permanent, and free), but I'm too lazy to look into it at the moment.


  1. Well hey. If I don't get a picture, at least I get a link...

  2. Ha, thats a good profile of seth in the background.

  3. Nice pics! Are you still planning to make :D cds :D ? :D

  4. Stephanator: I was going to post a picture of you standing next to Mistablades and call it 'Height disparity' or 'How's the weather?', but I thought I'd be nice instead and just post a picure of every member of your family except you. Do you feel left out? Actually the omission was unintentional and I ended up not including that photo because it wasn't framed very well: the top of his head was cut off.

    TAB: Well, yes, that's what I was trying to capture, until you jumped into the frame! :-Þ

    Sazzly: Yeah, I'll mail a disk to Mom & Dad.

  5. Well, Tim, I have to admit that your pictures turned out better than mine even though I've had a digital camera for about eight months now.

  6. Well thank you for leaving your pix on my parents' computer. And what a gorgeous sister I have. TAB... you're right. You needn't say more.