Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Customer Service

Some of you may have noticed an increase in the frequency of pictures on this blog. If you've also been reading it, you may know that this is due to my new digital camera. Don't worry, I'm not planning on converting this blog into a mere picture book. Meatier matters will remain in the mix.

What you don't yet appreciate is the customer service ordeal I've had to go through. I shall enlighten you. As of this afternoon, I am on my second Canon PowerShot SD400, and my 3rd SanDisk Ultra II 1.0GB SD card. The first one broke on the first day while I was testing the camera out, the second one broke while I was out bowling with the YP.

RFH found out about it last night as I was trying to go to bed and immediately snapped into I-can-fix-anything-digital mode. I had already tried everything, and I told him that, but it just made him salavate for the I-told-you-so points0. He huffed and he puffed, and he tried his laptop and his PDA, and every which way Microsoft1 ever thought to format and scan a drive, but in the end, all he could tell me that I didn't already know was which sectors were bad.

I would have preferred to return it and buy a different kind of SD card, but I had at that point already sent in the rebate (with the UPC, and the receipt--it had to be the original), so the only way I could prove to them that I had bought it at that store was because I had paid with my credit card and they had a record of it. The only thing they could do at that point was trade me card for card. I had just exchanged my camera at Best Buy next door, so I'm hoping that it was that particular camera that liked to eat SD cards, and not a general incompatability between SD400s and Ultra IIs.

The camera had a jamming zoom lens. It had completely frozen up on the hike while I was turning it off after taking a shot. After trying to get it to work by hitting the power button and trying to zoom it in and out, I pushed the lens in a little bit until I felt it release, and it was fine after that. I couldn't find anything online about SD400s either jamming or eating SD cards, so I'm still cautiously optimistic that getting rid of the offending equipment and starting afresh will solve the problem.

0 I find them annoying. He apparently considers these necessary to 'compete' with Athena's imposing presence in the living room. He doesn't like Athena too much: see 1
1 RFH is the ultimate Microsoft fanboy. Therefore his PDA has WinCE on it.

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