Thursday, April 28, 2005


God is so cool.

So Wednesday RFH and I are out looking at apartments. We actually didn't get to look at anything much, because we got the the apartment complex just as the office was closing, and then we set off to check out some rental houses which we never found, although we did get to go up and down the spirals at the airport parking garage.

Then he abducted me to a Bible study. Not that I particularly minded going, it's just that he never offered me an alternative such as dropping me off at my car. I'm an adult. I like options. It's courteous. But he just decided to go and off he drove while I sat there and tried to ignore his uncomfortable prattle. What could I do, demand to be let out? I informed him that he should never date.

Anyway, it was an awesome study. Not that it was ideal, but the people there were generally mature, serious0 about the study, and honestly digging to find out what the passage implied about their lives. I really like discussing the Bible with people who genuinely care what it says; let's say it's a hobby of mine. After the study, we broke up into smaller groups for prayer. I was in a group with two girls, and we engaged in a *real* conversation (about stuff that mattered to us), which ranged all over in fluctuating degrees of seriousness, but had nothing to do with the weather, etc. Then we prayed for each other, after which we mingled with the others in general group conversation.

I was encouraged. I was myself, and that was okay. In fact, people liked it. We enjoyed the Lord. We talked about life. It reminded me of Shallowbrook.

Basically, God reads my blog and he figured I needed a big hug, He stole me away to heaven for an evening.

0 Which is, by the way, not a synonym for stoic.


  1. Cool! This sounds like a great study, even if you got there in a weird way.

  2. Aren't you glad that God uses people of ALL kinds?

  3. YEAH??????????????? Uh hell is hot ummmkay.... Be content my child with the place in which God The Almighty has placed you. For such a time as this.