Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Short Post

I think that last one was my longest yet, so I'm going easy on you.

Work has been a bit stressful lately, but it's improving as I discover that I am actually capable of accomplishing what I've been assigned to do.

This week, I discovered that it was warm. The moment of realization came when I walked out the door Monday morning, realized that I had left my jacket hanging in my closet, shrugged, and went to work.

Today I'm loafing off. I didn't go to the Food Bank like I usually do, even though I remembered to stick the Dr. Seuss books in my car in the morning. I normally arrive late (it starts at 5--I get off about then--when, that is, I arrive at 9, which is most of the time), and entertain the kids or help take bags of food to people, then help clean up. Today, I felt lazy, or tired, or that life was getting a bit too hectic, so elected to just go home.

I promised this would be short, so I won't elaborate.


  1. Food Bank? ...somehow associated with Dr. Seuss books? ~Beck's Mom~

  2. Hooray! Warmth!! But in SEATTLE??? Wow. ;)