Monday, March 14, 2005

Blast! Foiled Again!

Cursèd0 be Tonnski, for she is the bane of my existence!

(And, when you read this, Tonnski, because I know you will, please note that I am merely expressing my feelings of frustration in what is to me a humorous way, and that I hold absolutely no grudges or negative feelings whatsoever against you over this matter (or any that I can think of at the moment). If I really wanted I could have seen it today, but I elected (of my own volition) to spend time with you (among others).)

For over a month, I have plotted, schemed, and otherwise attempted to organize an outing in which I, with at least one other person, view the movie Bride and Prejudice. I regretfully report that today the plans of mice and men (okay maybe just me and some other humans), irrespective of how they were laid, have yet again gone awry.

It all started Friday, when I made some calls. Well, really it started over a month ago, but the short version started Friday. On my lunch break, I called Tonnski, Doogle, C-dog2, OtherTim, and Jenny2 hoping to meet up in the evening when C-dog arrived in town in the evening. It was determined that we would wait and see when C-dog was going to arrive and make plans accordingly. After work, I made some calls, and it was apparent that that evening wasn't going to work out, so we decided to reschedule for Sunday. On Saturday, while on hold with Dell tech support3 I had several calls from Jenny, who had apparently been scheduling her weekend aroud the outing. It was determined that Sunday after church we would form a coalition of the willing and go.

Sunday rolls around, and the plan is further firmed up (using rather strong language, which I later had to swallow--keep reading) that we would meet at Jenny's at 4:00 and from there drive to the theater. So I head over to Oz's house, where we feasted on steak and artichoke, and then more shuffling of the plan ensued. Apparently this thing called the "Sun" is a rare commodity here in the land of eternal dampness, and so it was put forth that said celestial globe (and the fabled lack of nebular occultation) should be taken full advantage of. I ceded the point, and it was agreed that we would go to Seattle, soaking up the rays and ogling the setting Sun, and then catch an early evening showing in Seattle somewhere. I then bit the bullet and called Jenny, apologizing for the schedule change, and explaining. She said she would probably see it by herself, and so we (after a bit of dilly-dallying around an xbox game) left. It was then determined that, this being a three-and-a-half-hour-long Bollywood movie, and a chick flick at that, it would probably prove tedious to some of those present.4 Moreover, Tonnski had slept during Lord of the Rings5 and that was a long movie... bla, bla, bla *garr* *mutter* *mumble* *bane-of-my-existence* *...*

And so it came to pass, that my attempt to see the movie was once again shelved for the greater common good at the will of she-who-must-not-be-named. I called Jenny and explained the yet latest in an evolving stream of new situations, and she informed me that I needed to grow a spine, a diagnosis to which I redily assented. However, she also graciously areed to forego seeing it by herself today in favor of a yet-to-be arranged rendesvous sometime this coming week. Tuesday is looking good. Wish me luck.

0 Not really. (Prov 26:2)

1 He hates that name and he won't tell me why. Yet, it's so fitting: his name means "Dog"; it starts with a "C"; he loves wooden boats and sailing. I'm guessing there's some sort of history here.

2 Sorry, I'm out of creative aliases at the moment.

3My "F" key on my laptop keeps falling out. One of the four prongs that holds it onto the keyboard is broken off, so I can sort-of stick it back on, but it inevitably comes loose again after a few minutes of typing (unless I should manipulate my diction to avoid that particular letter). They're sending me a whole new keyboard. Gotta love Dell.

4 *cough* Oz */cough*

5 I, on the other hand, was kept on the edge of my seat for the duriation of all three extended-cut DVDs, but I guess if you haven't read the books, such movies can be a bit hard to follow. Oz certainly hasn't read Pride and Prejudice.


  1. Blogger took so long to load the comments page I have forgotten what I was going to say. Oh yes. Thank goodness you've run out of creative aliases. I have a hard enough time as it is. And I'm free on Tuesday. What time?

  2. it should be noted that, contrary to suppositions, the movie in question is, according to Yahoo! Movies, not 3½, but 2 hours long.

  3. I have heard rumors of this movie... Let me know how it is. Just don't ruin the plot. =)