Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Testing... The one with the sly smile is Anthony. Posted by Hello

It just started hailing outside.

Does anyone know how to use 'hello' to upload a photo that I can use on my profile, so that it'll be displayed on my blog? So far, I can upload photos to my blog, but that's about it. I haven't gotten fancy and hacked apart the format template, but it's on my list.

Work is frustrating. I think I'm making headway in understanding what I have to do, but there's no concrete progress. I've asked several people for help, but they don't know exactly what's going on either. It's been more or less like this for over a week. I'm writing the back-end to an SNMP MIB application (yes I know that means nothing to most of you). The front end was actually fun to write. Once I figured out how to use curses (which, in this case, is a software library, not a set of detrimental spells) I built a GUI1 (Graphical User Interface: pronounced "gooey"). I could tell you more, but then I would have to use a server script to capture all of your IP addresses so I could track you all down and kill you, and the computer you rode in on, too.

1It was text beased, so technically it was just a UI.


  1. Update: Messing with the template, I put the sidebar on the left where it belongs, and added a links list.

  2. You could try this:

    1. Use Hello to post your picture as a blog entry.

    2. Right click your picture and copy the image location,

    3. Go to your "Edit Profile" Blogger page and then paste the image location onto the Photo URL bar.

    See if that works.

  3. I did. That was one of the reasons for uploading that photo. It came back with a "dead link" error on the photo.

  4. Yeah I like my bar on the right but I use macs so ... glad to see you are finally on the web

  5. Anthony! Like, ANTHONY!! As in Steve and Grace! I get it, I get it!! Took me long enough.

  6. Don't use hello to do it. Just upload a pic it is fairly straight forward when you log on to blogger via their website. Go into your profile and change it.

  7. Reasons for wanting to use hello to host my profile pic:
    1. Blogger said it would work (or at the very least implied it by putting a "Find out how to get free photo hosting" link to hello next to the Photo URL field on their Edit User Profile form).
    2. I don't have complete personal control of any stable webspace that would be suitable for uploading a picture for use in my profile.