Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Hello, World!

My name is Tim, and I'm a hacker. ("Hello, Tim.") Well, actually, my day job is "Embedded Software Engineer," but it sounds much sexier when I say it that way. Back in the days of warmth and sunshine, I used to manufacture tear gas; that was before the company moved, at which time I demolished the old plant and built a shiny new zero-emissions one in the desert (I had help). Now are the days of chill and wet and dark. I work for the same company as Dilbert, incidently. Same ugly building, same co-workers, although my boss' hair hasn't turned pointy yet. He's new to management; they haven't sucked his soul out yet. My direct supervisor is Homer Simpson, and the funny thing is he knows it. He and the 'requirements creep' can both quote any given Simpsons episode, chapter and verse.

Anyway, I've been plucked from my friends and family in Southern California and plopped down in the Seattle area. It's not a totally forign world. I'm still in the cultural blob that is the West Coast, where people (with the exception of those in "NorCal") know how to talk right. The extent to which the culture is different, it's dictated by the weather. Up here, you won't see the sun for extended periods of time, and during the winter it's dark by 4:30. And, there are coatracks at every table in restaurants. So people turn to mild legal addictive stimulants to reset their cercadian rhythms. I don't blame them. They don't know any better.

The hardest part for me is that I don't have anyone I can just hang out with anymore. I have a roommate, but you haven't met him, or else you would understand. I'll leave him for another post. My best friend up here is at Wazzu, which is five hours away. All the guys up here that I know are big into sports, which I'm not, and most of them are down in Tacoma, while I'm in Kent. Some of the girls that I know up here are fun to hang out with and talk to for the most part, but I don't want to give them the wrong idea, freak them out, or intrude. The kids are great, when they aren't mobbing my and pulling on my shirt--oh and hitting and kicking.

I've said enough for you to chew on... I'd better get out of my brain before it catches me.

Goodbye, Cruel World.

(Really--I'm not suicidal--it just fits symmetrically with the title)


  1. Hello Tim! Woo hoo! I have successfully influenced another soul into blogdom.

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  3. Ok, second try. I had to correct a spelling error.
    Welcome, Tim! Glad to hear that you're still alive. You need to be indoctrinated with SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS!!! USC is #1! You can jump on the bandwagon if you wish, as long as you stay on and not jump off when the going gets rough.
    Well, enough for now. Good post. =) Come see mine! Even though it is by far not as entertaining as yours. I need to hone my writing style to become slightly interesting. (Is hone the right word??)

  4. You have a problem with the way those of us in Northern California communicate??? ~Beck's Mom~

  5. GO COUGS !!!!! well yeah we didn't do well this year but we beat the Huskies COUGS #1 well #7 but #1 in our hearts and in Washington