Friday, January 29, 2010

Facebook Pet Peeves

Six things on Facebook doth Tim hate.  Yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
  1. Profile pictures that don't actually contain the person.  (No, your child is still not you.)
  2. Friend requests from people who, though we are in the same social circle, I have never interacted with.
  3. Invitations to waste time and/or clutter my profile with some application.  This includes "interacting" with me from applications I have not installed.  
  4. Also, lost cows.
  5. Event invitations that unnecessarily last for weeks.  This screws up my Google Calendar, which imports my Facebook events.
  6. Profiles that are not for people.  (Non-personal entities should have a page or a group, not a profile.)
  7. Couples that share a single account.  This one bugs me on a much deeper level than the others.
 Now go, and sin no more.


  1. #4 Um, lost cows? What's that all about?

    #6 Do you have something against my dog profile? At least she isn't trying to friend you. She hasn't friended anybody. She lets everybody else friend HER. That way she's totally unobtrusive and stuff and people don't have to go "oh geez, Deborah's dog is friending me, how retarded".

    Totally agree on the rest. Well, not that I disagree with #4. I just have no idea what you're talking about. Unless that has something to do with Farmville. I detest Farmville because even though I have the stupid application blocked, I can't seem to block everybody's status updates about it like "I need someone to help me with a barn raising" or other things like that. Seriously, just go become Amish or something, please. It makes me want to stab people.

  2. maybe you shouldn't be on fb then?