Friday, July 03, 2009

Kittens For Sale!

**Composed by my wife, Elizabeth** On May 17th, our cat Zoe gave birth to four kittens. Sadly, they are weaned and ready to be sold. There are three females and one male. In the descriptions below, I use the names that we have given the kittens, but please feel free to give them a different name should you buy them. The kittens are box trained (though not yet 100%), vaccinated, and are free of both fleas and ear mites. They have been handled a lot, so they are well accustomed to being around humans. Subsequently, they will all make good lap cats besides their quirky, individual personalities. They are also great with kids. Ideally, I would love to sell the kittens in pairs as well-handled cats want more companionship than your typical house cat. As an experienced cat breeder matching your household with a personality-appropriate cat is my primary goal so that both you and the cat can have the best opportunity for a great experience. Therefore, I will interview you about your household and living situation before even considering selling you a cat. Should one of my cats not be a good fit for you I have no qualms about refusing to sell you a cat. Also, if you have your heart set on a cat with certain markings but I determine that your household would not be a good fit for his or her personality, that is also grounds for refusal. That is how passionate I feel about ensuring that both you and the cat are a match.
This is Tiger. He is a short-haired gray tabby. He has a wonderful combination of being a sweet lap cat and aggressive in play. Given additional handling and training he will be an excellent hunter (which he may gift to you sometimes) and he will, and does, regularly curl up on you to sleep.
This is Bandit. She is a short-hair standard black and white. Besides her nose and chest, she has a white belly and four white paws. Don't let the surprised look on her face fool you. She is surprisingly sweet and compliant. She is also my personal favorite so I won't sell her to just anyone. ;) Bandit was the runt of the litter, and the first to crawl, walk, run, jump, and respond to her name. She is the smartest of the litter, and she is the most curious and adventurous. She will require companionship to have a full and fulfilled life.
This is Sherpa. She is a long-hair with markings reminiscent of a Himalayan Siamese. She is incredibly sweet and loves to romp with her siblings. She has a special affinity to battle over who has control over the very top of the carpeted scratching post barely visible on the left of the picture.
This is Teddy Bear. Teddy is a long-hair gray tabby with a name to match her personality. She is the most laid-back of the four and would be content with a quiet, indoor life.
The kittens are $40 each. If you're interested, you can call Tim or Elizabeth (if you have our numbers), or you can e-mail one of us, contact us through Facebook, or post a comment.

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  1. Bandit is now sold. I am sad to see her go but I'm really glad that I'll be able to see her every once in a while.