Saturday, February 09, 2008

Precinct Caucus

Today I attended my very first caucus. It was an interesting experience, but about what I expected from the little research that I did. There were three districts at my caucus, and so we divided up into precinct groups after the lady who was hosting had handed out some paperwork and gone over the process and some local upcoming party events. We selected delegates, and because my precinct has two delegates and only two other people showed up (a married couple), we decided that the husband and I would be delegates, and the wife would be an alternate. We also appointed myself as the chairman, and the wife as the secretary.

After filling out the form for the above, we proceeded to go through the party platform questionnaire. To do this, we ended up discussing most of the questions, bringing up examples and clarifying each of the options, and then each of us would fill out our own response form. After we were done with that, we were joined by the other two precincts for a general discussion of politics.

All in all a good experience. It was educational, and I felt like I also contributed to the other attendees' understanding as well. I hope that I can make a valuable contribution at the district level, if not also at the county, state, and national levels.