Saturday, December 15, 2007

Robbed, Again

Our apartment was robbed on Friday, for the second time in two months. It looks like it was the same people as the last time, or at least one of them: same entry point, same style. Last time, most of the stuff that was taken was Casey's. This time, we were both hit, but he was still hit much harder than I. Both of our rooms were ransacked. Oddly enough, this time, they didn't take any computers. Even though my laptop was sitting right on top of my desk, and they climbed in through my window onto my desk, they didn't take it. They did take the Zune from my desk. They also took my Wii, and all of its games and accessories (including the Gamecube games, but not the Gamecube controllers). I think this time they were constrained by what they could carry, and what they could sell quickly. I had jars of coins in my room that were taken, and Casey had some coins taken too. I'm okay, what they took from me is mostly replaceable: it boils down to just money, and we have renter's insurance that will cover most of that. The apartment is under construction: the balconies were torn down and are being rebuilt, so I imagine there wasn't a car big enough to load TVs and bigger objects into, or they would have been seen doing it. My personal theory is that one of the burglars, probably younger, needed some cash, and decided to revisit our place, because he knew there were still things to take, and he figured that he could still get in the same way. He's not getting in the same way a third time.


  1. Wow I am really sorry man. But one question. You had a zune?

  2. Gee wiz, I didn't even know you were robbed a first time! That's totally lame.

    Did he smash a window to get in or something? How did he get in?

    Time for you to booby-trap your apartment.

  3. Also, a "good deal" is no excuse for owning a zune. He did you a favour.

  4. Maybe you could leave an appropriate gospel tract strategically placed for their next 'visit'? ~Beck's Mom~

  5. Aw. I should have liked to see a zune in the wild.
    Ha. What a clever mother I have. Perhaps tape it to the exterior of the building, where they make their entry? =)