Thursday, November 22, 2007

Viva La Resolutión

Terrestrial exodus? Death? Oh, please. Mostly I blame my dearth of bloggy effluence on the time leech that is Liz, but it's not as if I haven't been busy before, and still found time to blog. I've been doing lots of memorable things; hanging out with great friends 'till all hours of the night: solving the world's problems, and bearing consternation at our own before the Throne. I haven't been dancing as much lately. It is both a symptom and partial catalyst of my mental discomfort. I miss it physically; my body is anxious for exercise, but tomorrow morning, I will satiate it well enough with paintball. I think the main reason I haven't been posting to my blog lately is that my mind hasn't been settled: I write about what I think about, but often, I cannot write my thoughts, particularly if they are unresolved. Certain breath-bated of my readers will be happy to know that resolution is at hand0. As a P, I tend to thrive on a certain level of uncertainty, ambiguity, and cavalierness, much to the chagrin1 of the Js in my life. This, however, only extends to a point2. My free-spirited intuition must have its basis in truth, and I cannot remain permanently in a state of flux3.
0And, presumably, as a consequence, more frequent posts. 1And intrigue, admit it! 2Or it might be considered a fault, which would be inconceivable. 3The monotony of it would be terribly boring.


  1. So that is great you have resolution but, you failed to mention what the resolution was. I can guess to what it was about...

  2. Yeah, we totally missed you dancing on Wednesday! :-( Start coming back! :-)

    I love your footnotes.

    You're an interesting person.

  3. I am not intrigued. =P I just want you to write already! Something. ANYthing.

  4. and when did you change "sexy" to "exciting" in your blog description?

  5. Beck, I guess that's what happens when you rely on RSS (or Atom, as the case may be).

    Hacking is very sexy, make no mistake about that. However, I decided to change my wording in order not to offend a certain reader who expressed her motherly concern.

  6. Oh, and as far as when, this happened in August of 2005.

  7. you said: "I write about what I think about, but often, I cannot write my thoughts, particularly if they are unresolved."

    I say: no! write about unresolved issues! (well, not to the point of overdisclosure). that way, you can gain opinions of the public... your perspectives will expand. that's the nice thing about community (online or otherwise): everyone learns from each other. different perspectives. encouragment. all that good stuff.
    anyway, that's my opinion. =)

  8. I do talk about my unresolved issues, but only with those whom I trust. I don't trust the Internet.

    For me, writing, especially in a public forum, and speaking, are much different.