Friday, July 06, 2007

Independence Day

I posted some pictures, and among them some videos, from the 4th of July. As with every 4th of July since I got my camera, I filled up the memory card. It only takes a 512MB card, anything more and it corrupts the card (I went through two 1GB SD cards). The videos are embedded in the web pages by Picasa in such a way that they don't work in Firefox, or at least I haven't gotten them to. They seem to work fine in MSIE 7. Someone needs to file a bug report with Picasa or Firefox. I haven't had time. This 4th of July, David and Becky drove out from Richland to Bonney Lake, where a friend that we know from La Habra (originally from Lancaster) was in town visiting friends for a wedding. When we got there, I recognized a few people from the family, because I pass them in the hallways at work. It was a fun party. There were lots of kids, but I (uncharacteristically) didn't play with them very much. For some reason I didn't feel like it. It might be that I've been under a lot of pressure lately and I just wanted to relax. Oh, and blow things up. That too.


  1. I am always shocked at how GREEN and verdant everything looks up there. Yesterday it was 110 here.
    I would think it would take quite a bit of stress to prevent you from playing with kids. Uncharacteristic indeed!
    The movies never work for me but I've only half heartedly tried. I am convinced that all my problems (computer and other =) ) will be solved by the MacBook that was delivered today. =)

  2. Doesn't work in Safari Beta 3 running on Leopard Beta or iPhone either.