Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Weekend, So Far

This has been a busy weekend.

On Thursday evening, Deborah invited a bunch of people to the Cove; we ate s'mores and hung out. It was a fun time.

On Friday night, Josh hosted an outdoor indoor movie at his house. We watched Charade.

On Saturday morning, we went hiking up to Rattlesnake Ledge. Elizabeth and I got there two minutes after everyone had started hiking, but due to miscommunication, we thought they were still walking to the trail head from the the parking lot, and they thought we were ahead of them on the trail. We therefore waited for them for 10 minutes as they tried to catch up to us on the trail. Consequently, we didn't catch up with everyone until we got to the ledge.

Saturday afternoon was Michael's graduation party at the Kilcup's. There was volleyball, food, cake & ice cream, and company to be enjoyed.

That's all so far...


  1. Looks like you guys found a projector, that's good. Let me know when you all go on a hike next, looks like you had fun.

    And hey, what softball team are you on? I've been added to the championship team from last year (8-Balls) so hopefully my team won't go winless this year. If they do, I guess they'll know who to blame.

  2. your pictures are broken. Also what is the deal with snap it is so annoying.

  3. Yeah, I know. Apparently, they got deleted when I deleted the original draft posts. Apparently also my server is down. I power-cycled the router last night, but that's no excuse for it to drop the port forwarding settings.

    Snap is good for some things, but you're right, it's pretty annoying when it gets in your way. You can actually disable it as a user, but I've been thinking of ditching it altogether.

  4. My router went funky. I reset the firmware completely and reconfigured everything, so now the pictures hosted on my computer should be accessible. Now I need to re-upload the pictures, and make sure they aren't deleted when I delete the draft posts.

    In non-tech speak, that means the pictures should be fixed shortly.