Sunday, September 10, 2006

Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

On Saturday I went with the Tonns to the 30th annual Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. It's the real reason Caleb flew in from Texas. Don't let him fool you with all of that Hicks Lake mumbo jumbo. More photos here.

The Lynx and Lady Washington

Heather and Caleb

Wooden boats


The Tonns at the Belmont

Tonns on the ferry


Loaded Questions


  1. Dude, how did I NOT know about the wood boat festival? I LOVE wood boats, especially tall ships. I'm in love with the Lady Washington!!!

  2. Hey Tim! It's Shannon Lee's friend, Tiff... I just happened to get these photos of mine from that one trip up to Seattle with you guys, and I JUST developed them:) I put two of you on the flickr, I hope you don't mind... just let me know if you do:) Remember the crabs?! Blessings...T

  3. That expression on her face is priceless, Tiff.

  4. Tim!
    i think any expression on Shannon's face is priceless... she let's us know what she's thinking just by looking at her:) and she's a great actress, too... so I guess it could get confusing... hmmm...
    I'm glad you took a look. I had a ton of fun with you guys... thanks for welcoming me in:)
    hope you're doing well Tim!