Monday, August 21, 2006

Dancing Videos

I took some video of some of the better dancers showing off their moves this last weekend. If you're curious as to what Lindy Hop looks like, you might want to check out this one, as well as the one in which Darla gets left hanging twice by her spinning partners.


Due to bandwidth issues, I don't recommend you try to stream the videos. In stead, right-click and download them, and then play them from your hard drive.

FYI, normally everyone dances at once, but every once in a while if the music gets fast, and someone starts drawing a crowd, people will circle up, and others will take turns jumping in to the lime light.


  1. That looks like alot of fun. Dancing to live music is always better than fake.


  2. I can now easily see why you became dehydrated so quickly. I think I would be exhausted after 2 songs. It looks so fun though!