Friday, May 05, 2006

Vashon Island

Bob and Alice invited me to their house on Vashon Island to dinner tonight, along with Laura & Bonnie, and Heather & Mary Alice. I took a few snapshots while I was there (and in transit).

I missed the ferry by about five minutes on the way because I had left my ticket at home, and I thought I would have time to go and grab it. After I had landed on the other side, I took some shots of an old decaying dock.

There's a shot of a cool stegosaurus made of old tools, a cabin that Bob's brother built by hand, Bob & Alice's house on the beach, a thousand [sand] dollars (live ones!) Their neighbors have the coolest "private park." Everything is so lush and green, and there's a tree with lots of character.

Anyway, enjoy the photos. I'll try to post something more personal at some point.


  1. every time I read "Vashon Island" my brain screams, "FASHION! It's
    FASHION Island!"

  2. Wow... it's really pretty there.

    she says observantly. =)