Saturday, January 07, 2006

Conference 2005 Pictures

If you want even more pictures, you can find them here.

Joe and Ken
Ken plays the black keys. Trying to sing along with Joe while Ken is playing is vocal acrobatics.

David and Josh
Okay once and for all: they are triplets, but I am not. No, they don't look identical.

Tricia and Tim
They're expecting.

Stud extraordinaire.

Darren and Abby
Darren is Beth and Aaron Espinoza's youngest. His brothers are Austen and Zach.

Caleb's got a little of the Captain in him. There are also some videos of this floating around.

Daisy, Anna, and Matthew
Balboa Pier in the background

Anna, Daisy, (Thomas), Sally, Tim, Matthew, (Paul), Dan, Seth, Jenny, Bethany Matthew looks like he's on a runway.

Stephanie and Abby
They thought it was cold at the beach. Maybe they sholuld have worn shoes.

Selina/Sally and Paul


We dried off at BJ's in Huntington after our stroll along the pier.
BJ's has great pizza.

Becky and Josh

Some of us went to a street fair in Fullerton after the beach.

This guy made Matthew and I some snazzy New Year's Eve hats.
I think his name is Noah.

Anna, Sarah, Becky, and Roberta
Sarah is teaching them a song.

Joellen and Kyleigh

Drew Isely
Yet another fashion model in our midst.

Anna and Alyssa

Bethany and her uncanny twin

Stephanie, Kim, and Bethany

Jackie and Abby

Anna and Angie

Colleen and Caleb

Tim, Dan, and Seth

Seth, Jenny, Aaron and Davy
Jenny and those Ruga boys... I tell ya.

David, Jenny, Paige, and Gwen...

...are looking at this photo from Shallowbrook.


Me and Anna

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