Friday, July 01, 2005

Mooching WiFi

Mwa hwa hwa! (maniacal laughter)

I am currently at home mooching WiFi off some hapless neighbor. This'll have to do until we can get the cable hooked up, which RFH tells me will be the 7th.

Among the things I intended to blog, but couldn't, here is a poem that I wrote on Sunday:

Music plays around me
as I glide through green pillars
with fingers stretching up to almost touch
and strong arms that reach down,
embracing the windy road.
And I sing along.

Okay, more of a run-on sentence, but I like it. It communicates what I was feeling.

The problem with my WiFi was indeed my PC Card, with which I've had trouble in the past. Thankfully, CompUSA is having one of their "midnight madness" sales, which is more accurately described as 'rebate madness.' Basically, I bought an 802.11B Linksys PC Card, PCI Card, and Router for $4.99 each (plus tax on the full price), after rebates. There were two rebates on each item, so I had to fill out 6 rebate forms, make six copies of the receipt, and one copy of each UPC, and I'm out $145.00 until the rebate checks arrive.

But Linksys makes good hardware, and I'm planning to drop the PCI card into Athena.


  1. Ay Chico. Isn't it beautiful to have woods (in my case) or forest (in yours) around?