Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Since You Asked So Nicely

So much has been going on, I'm not quite sure where to start.

I got a ticket to go to Shallowbrook and Altoona; I won't have the vacation to go to Lassen this year.

I'm still playing volleyball on Thursdays after work. This last Thursday was the first of a summer-long 4-man league. It should be enjoyable.

I went paintballing last Saturday. I went with a group of about 100 from work. I had a lot of fun, shot a lot of people, and came away with very few bruises. It was also cool to hang out with the guys on my volleyball team in a different context. I left my blue collapsing chair there, but one of the guys grabbed it, so hopefully I'll get it back on Thursday.

RFH and I are looking at our housing options right now. I've been getting a bit frustrated with him because he never cleans up after himself, and he eats my food. We found a condo for rent, and it seems like a good deal to us, but he was also talking to one of the neighbors there, and she told him that we might be able to get the one above it for the same price. So far we haven't been able to contact the owners, though. The one above has vaulted ceilings. There is also a house for rent we're considering. It's more expensive and from what I've heard it's a bit run down, so I'm leaning away from it, although neither of us have seen it yet.


  1. I may not have asked nicely, but at least I can say thank you. Thank you. =)
    I have a feeling I won't be able to go to Lassen either. *sigh* What is this world coming to?

  2. Thank you as well. I hope you find a good place to live, with a relatively good commute!

  3. How 'bout you break up with RFH? Looking forward to seeing you at SB and 'Toona.


  4. What is it with no one going to Lassen??? Hello??? That's where I'M going to be!


  5. Whats up with no one going to anything. Ohh yeah I am part of the no one... sorry.

  6. I feel your pain. I'm moving around the first of August, and thought about getting a roommate, but my gut reaction to that thought is an icky turn in my stomach, so I think I'll heed my instincts and habitate alone.

    It's so hard to find a clean, safe, affordable place in the south sound. I lived in an apartment in Lakewood (south Tacoma) for awhile... being new to the area I didn't know where the good and bad communities were.

    As it turns out, in my very building, a soldier came home from the war and killed his wife. Oh, and I had some property stolen.

    This time, it's all about UP or the stadium district!

  7. Sorry, that one was me! :)